So after seeing another post today with this title I decided to share mine and maybe extend a tradition or start a trend?

Illustration for article titled Forbiden Love Friday: 1994 Ford Escort LX

Aww the 1994 Ford Escort...

Where to begin.

It is such a terrible car but at the same time so much fun I must claim... I am forbiddingly in love.


From its tiny engine with over 260k miles that leaks oil and hadn't had an oil change for quite a while at time of purchase to the torn out interior..."because racecar"

Of course this became the joke of our high school class for a while. Because owning both a 1994 Ford Escort and a 2011 Mazda 3 doesn't make the most sense.


However I grew accustomed to this car until he decided to trade it for tattoo work...

I saw it for sale on craigslist recently and am contemplating purchasing it...if only I could convince my parents it be a great car for college which we all truly wouldn't

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